Posted by Quon Taylor on

When I think of the number 2020 it normally is associated with eyesight.  If someone says their eyesight is 20/20 we usually are under the assumption that they have great eyesight!  Seeing 1/1/2020 on the bottom of my computer really made me realize that this is a year that seems "futuristic."  So seeing 2020 as to how it relates to TWLVII is just seeing our vision clearly.  We must make no excuses and go after what we want this year!  We plan to attend at least 12 vending opportunities.  We want to sponsor a child with Perfect Performance that may not be able to afford the 7on7 fees.  We want to post more on Facebook/Instagram.  We want to link up with other lines as well because I know its strength in numbers.  I want make TWLVII a voice in the fashion world while creating a few original pieces.  Its now in the atmosphere and I realize that everything that can stop us will try to...BUT WE ARE UP FOR THE CHALLENGE!  Period.  Welcome 2020!