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HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!  Today we start our 12 days of 21% off!  We want to being in the NEW YEAR strong!  So we are going to give you 21% from now until January 13th!  The number 12 means completion, perfection, harmony, motivation, achievement and independence. 

We will COMPLETE all goals that we set for the year!

We will be PERFECT in committing ourselves pushing our brand further and harder than we did in 2020!

We will be in HARMONY with the goals we set for TWLVII in 2021.

We will stay MOTIVATED to have substantial growth exceeding what we did in 2020.

We will ACHIEVE brand notoriety among our peers and give back to the less fortunate!

We will remain an INDEPENDENT brand, standing in our own knowledge about what we will do for the culture!