Negative or Positive Outcome

Posted by Quon Taylor on

Just thinking....when we move we are supposed to move with purpose...a sense of urgency.  These moves pair with our decision making which then equal an outcome, right?  One thing about it is we always "expect" a positive outcome.  No one ever goes into any situation expecting a negative outcome because if so we would change that situation to what we think to be a positive one.  That's how we are made up.  But we know we learn and grow through mistakes.  Mistakes are negative until we learn from them which then makes them a positive.  You kinda get what I'm saying?  So should we let peoples actions and thoughts dictate "our" outcome because it can?  Or should we even give anyone or anything validity in our outcome?  I know we all have had experiences in both and I think its no right or wrong to this answer.  I think its all situational and really based off what WE want the out come to be.  Eh, just thoughts...if you have any thoughts on it...Chime in.