Posted by Quon Taylor on

Over the past three weeks I have really been doubling down on TWLVII.  In the past month because of "life" I've been just working on the business Sundays and Mondays for a few hours.  I was telling myself and others based on my readings and the template set by others...that wasnt going to work!  I had to change something to ensure I could dedicate time daily towards my dream of doing this full time. SO after procrastinating for some time I just started getting up dedicating at least an hour in the morning to TWLVII.  That hour or so daily really makes a difference!  I see growth within the brand as well as myself.  I want to make sure that the product that you decide to buy is of value and it can only hit that target if I put in the time.  I can not make excuses anymore, I have to keep this same energy and add more to it.  Entrepreneurship is difficult, but I know I'm equipped for it so I must put all that I have been given towards this buiness to great use.  So keep me lifted as I continue on this journey of making this brand my full time job.