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Sometimes you have a dream...but you don't plan the dream for it to be successful.  That's what I did with TWLVII.  I've always had the dream but never stuck to a plan.  I wondered why I couldn't succeed they way I wanted and it was because I didn't stick to to my plan.  Then to be honest, I started just making movements without preparation.  All this just led to disaster...a place where I stood still.  In that stillness I had TWO BUSINESSES who I will always have LOVE for talk to me.  Sometimes it wasn't pretty but what I needed to hear.  I'm thankful for them...they see whats in me and helped me to see it!  They empowered me to make BIG DECISIONS that I needed to make.  I see it now.  I see the grind.  I know I have to prepare.  I have to accept whats given to me to learn.  I have to receive...which is hard for me to do in any capacity LOL.  But those businesses are Taj & Livi and Perfect Performance.  We trade ideas, thoughts and plans but what I've learned STOP TALKING AND DO


Support these businesses they really have alot to give the world if you just give them a chance.  Support is liking their page, passing the word, buying their product and or reposting.  If you do this trust me someone will do it for you.